Garrity Pro Series 800 Lumen Flashlight

The New Garrity Pro-Series was designed to give discerning consumers high quality materials and high performance, using the latest technology available. The Garrity Pro-Series 800 Lumen Flashlight is no exception.

Most larger sized flashlights with high lumen ratings consistently used D or C cell batteries. In the Garrity 800 Lumen Flashlight, the same bright 800 lumens found in other flashlights is made using only AA batteries, making this flashlight lighter than its predecessors. Adding to this flashlight’s value is the CREE LED with advanced lens technology. The light shines both a brilliant white, and can be adjusted for both wide beam, and focused applications.

Additional features like the anti-roll design and the textured hand grip make the Garrity Pro-Series 800 Lumen Flashlight an easy choice for any flashlight user to make. The solid construction of this flashlight will make it last for years. 6 AA batteries are included with your purchase of this refreshed and timeless classic light!


  • 800 Lumens
  • 150 Meter Beam Distance
  • 9 Hour Continuous Run Time
  • Shock and Water Resistant
  • 6 AA Batteries Included