Garrity 100 Lumen Headlamp

The Garrity 100 Lumen Headlamp brings together the best in convenience and LED technology. With a protected power button that prevents accidental usage of the light, you’ll be sure batteries stay fresh when this lamp is stored in your pack.

The Garrity 100 Lumen Headlamp comes with a high and low light mode, and is shock and water resistant. This headlamp shines a powerful 100 lumens and can be adjusted to cast light in any direction you need it. A comfortable head strap compliments the lightweight design of this new headlamp. As always, Garrity products come with 3AAA batteries included!


  • 100 Lumens
  • 19.6 Meter Beam Distance
  • 3 Hour Continuous Run Time
  • Water and Shock Resistant
  • 3AAA Batteries Included