Flashlight and Battery Care

Does Storing A Battery In The Refrigerator Help Extend Its Life? Learn Some Helpful Tips On The Best Way To Store, Handle And Care For Your Batteries, Whether At Home Or On The Road.


  • DO read warnings and instructions on flashlight, batteries, and relevant packaging before first use
  • DO make sure to install your batteries in the correct direction. Refer to diagrams around the battery casing or instructions on packaging for correct directions.
  • DO always replace all used batteries in each product you own at the same time.
  • DO test your flashlights periodically. Even when not in use, batteries will slowly lose power when kept inside a flashlight. Testing your flashlights from time to time will ensure that your batteries are in good working order, your flashlight is in good working order, and inform you if you need to change the batteries.


  • DON’T mix old and new batteries in the same product. It can cause malfunctions, and battery overheating, which could result in permanent damage to your product.
  • DON’T mix battery types. Batteries from different companies are made with differing formulas and ratios. Mixing them together could result in permanent damage to your portable lighting products.
  • DON’T leave product with batteries in locations that are susceptible to extreme heat or freezing conditions. This may cause battery leakage, which can damage your portable lighting products.
  • DON’T shine flashlights directly in your eyes or the eyes of others. Be courteous and shine lights away from eyes. Turn on flashlights when pointed at the ground to judge brightness before shining into small spaces, outdoors, or indoors.
  • DON’T put your flashlights in a refrigerator! There is no evidence that storing batteries in a cold environment will make them last longer. Duracell recommends storing them in a dry environment at room temperature for maximum performance. Storage in excessive cold can actually shorten battery life!