What Should I Do With My Old Products?

At Garrity® Flashlights, we believe that even at the end of a product’s life, there is still a use for it. As green technologies have gained more and more attention in the United States, it has become easier to find places to recycle used flashlights, and batteries.

Flashlights with regular, single-use batteries can be disposed of in your regular trash. However, we recommend removing batteries for recycling. The rest of the flashlight can also be recycled as well, but we especially look to keep harmful substances in batteries out of landfills.

If you do choose to recycle your batteries, flashlight, or both, check out Call2Recycle, an organization that specializes in bringing you the resources you need to recycle quickly and easily. They can show you more about local drop off locations, how to recycle, and what you can recycle.

Together, we can make, use, dispose, and reuse flashlights and batteries responsibly. Together, we can make a positive difference.