Halloween Essentials

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Let’s Be Honest – Adults Like Halloween Candy Too With the nighttime holiday right around the corner, chances are you’ve already begun cutting, sewing, and measuring all the pieces that will make a great DIY Halloween costume for your little ones. Maybe you’ve succumbed to buying that ridiculous Superman costume with the blow up muscles at the store. Either way, …

As Cold Weather Sets In, Prepare Your Portable Lights

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It’s that time of year when the air starts to have a bite to it, leaves begin to fall, and sweaters start coming out. As you prepare for Fall weather, be sure to take these steps to ensure your flashlights and portable lighting products are at the ready! Change Batteries: Chances are you’ve had the same batteries in your flashlight …

Hey Look! We Started a Blog!

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Welcome to the Garrity Lites blog! This will be a place where we’ll discuss the latest developments in portable lighting technology, where Garrity is investing in new features for our buyers, and a general space where portable lighting trends will be analyzed. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as more content is created! ~The Garrity Team