The Long Days of Summer Are Over – And The Long Nights Begin

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Is Daylight Savings Time about to end?

That’s right. November 5th at 2:00 a.m. is when the clocks go back. That’s great for all of us who want that extra hour of sleep! It also pushes sunset earlier. Darkness will start arriving before the clock even makes it to 6:00 p.m. That raises the age old debate…which do you like more? More daylight in the evening, or extra sleep?

Once you’ve set your clocks, and the night come creeping in sooner and sooner, it becomes even more important to have reliable sources of portable light. Why? Because all the things you’ve gotten used to doing in the light will now be done in the dark. From wheeling your garbage cans to the curb, to getting that evening jog in because you know the holidays are right around the corner.

To do all the things you still need to do around the house, even when daylight quickly disappears, it becomes useful to have a couple of good headlamps handy. Fortunately, we’ve got some up our sleeves (except we don’t actually, because headlamps belong on your head).

Garrity makes two useful models of headlamps. First, the traditional 60 lumen headlamp. This LED lamp has all the features you might need. From a comfortable head strap to a beam angle adjustment, this headlamp will serve you faithfully.

For those looking for a lamp with a little more power and a more compact design, we recently launched the higher end 100 lumen headlamp. This lamp is smaller, but packs a bigger punch, all while maintaining the same features in our traditional headlamp. Comfortable straps, angle adjustment are the same, but you get the added benefit of a delay ON/OFF switch that allows you to store this lamp without the concern of it accidentally being bumped and turned on. This will keep your batteries fresher, longer.

These headlamps make great gifts for the outdoorsmen as well. The hunters and trackers in your life will certainly enjoy the freedom offered by wearing these headlamps, especially when heading out to their favorite hunting spots early in the morning when natural light is still dim.

So enjoy that extra long night on November 4th, but when darkness settles in early, and you need some light, make sure you reach for a Garrity headlamp, or other Garrity hand torch products! Check out the rest of the lineup!

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